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Portland Web Hosting combines a wealth of technical expertise and proven development methodoligies to build dynamic web based business solutions that enable more efficient interaction between a company, its customers, partners, and employees.

What are Web Applications?
Web applications are any use of the web to automate a task.

example: Allowing customers to fill out a customer service questionnaire. The answers to the questionnaire can be automatically entered into a database and used to determine what customers liked and disliked about there customer service experience. The same application can then use this information by applying statistical or other analysis to help the business offer better customer service.

In this example, the web application has two sides. One side, the client side (the customer who is filling out this questionnaire), is most likely a simple easy to operate set of questions that a customer may see as they leave a store. The other side, is a more complex environment where an operator can choose the questions customers answer, run different analysis on the answers, and print out reports for a branch manager to see.

Why Use Web Applications?
In the example above let's assume that this company has five stores spread out over the US. The advantage to using a Web Application in this instance, is one operator can control the questions for all or one of the stores from one location. This location can be anywhere that has internet access. Each of the stores can have access to the same information, from anywhere.

example: If the store in Oregon has great feedback on a particular part of there business, all of the other stores in the country can immediately see this and adjust accordingly.

Another advantage of Web is very little set up. All that is needed is internet access and the correct password and URL necessary to get to the application. If updates are made to the Web Application all stores will see and be able to use these updates at the same time. There is no downloading and installing of software necessary.

Web Applications make it easy to use the power of software from anywhere and be assured that all users see the same up to date information while allowing each of the users to use the information however best fits there particular need. Web Applications can be easily added to existing websites. Web Applications are less expensive to develop than distributed (installed on one computer) software.

Examples of Web Applications that Portland Web Hosting has designed
  • CRM - Customer Relationship Management, Portland Web Hosting keeps all customer information on a secure area of our website so that we can assure the best customer service by providing all of our employees with as much up to date and accurate information as possible (keep everyone on the same page at the same time).
  • Online truck insurance - allow insurance sales associates to provide clients with real time insurance quotes from anywhere.
  • Online label design - allow customers to design and order custom labels for products.
  • E-commerce - allow customers to shop and order from your store.
  • Business to Business commerce - allow large businesses to order supplies and products in quantity online.
  • Online Marketing / Forms - tools to send newsletters, annual reports, even internal company documents such as W-4, and health insurance forms to employees or customers via e-mail or web.
  • Inventory Tracking - systems to track inventory and shipped materials.

Whether you company simply needs a way to put commonly used forms on line so that your HR person is not making large numbers of timely photocopies, or the company needs a robust interactive solution the tracks revenue, packages, and stock. The web offers an inexpensive and easy solution to keep all the people important to your business connected with necessary information. The ability to access information anytime anywhere on just about any computer offers endless possibilities.

Portland Web Hosting prides itself on designing and implementing web based applications that help businesses simplify there day to day tasks and communication so that they can focus on what they do best.