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Here are a few of the services we provide for web site promotion:

  • With our specialized keyword registration software and keyword registration tools, we can help you develop a keyword registration strateg so when people search on the google search engine or other search engines, we'll get you the best placement for when they enter keywords here. Portland Web Hosting can provide you with a completely custom solutions, or a more economical solution based on website templates. Our e-commerce capabilities allow you to give your customers promotion codes and gift certificates. We help you with the complicated task of keyword registration, which is more than just submitting your site to thousands of search engines, it is also developing a search engine strategy to get the right people to your site through carefully constructed keyword matches which don't already have millions of competing pages to contend with. Our web site prices design maintenance and other rates are very competitive given the experience of our company and staff. Our website promotion tools are among the best in the industry, and we keep up to date with technology by reading and contributing articles about internet marketing to the search engine community. We provide your business with ,internet marketing research to ensure all of your internet marketing needs are met. We help you with your internet marketing strategy and provide the most complete and secure website hosting for your money. The reasearch staff at Portland Web Hosting are experts in web site promotion and the use of tools such as wordtracker. Website promotion no longer needs to be a mystery. We explain how we get our customers websites top rankings. Do you want the answer to the question "How do I get mywebsite rankings higher?" Portland Web Hosting has the answer. We are the premier internet marketing consultants in the Portland Metro area. Let us put our web promotion skills to work for you.
  • We also provide excellent web site maintenance service, no matter if you are just building your web site, or if your site is on its fifth generation, Portland Web Hosting can take on whatever website management and maintenance responsiblitiess you have. When you host your site with Portland Web Hosting, we provide all maintenance to make sure your page integrity stays perfect and your ranking for critical keywords stays intact, which translates into continuous new business for you. All web site maintenance is done by Portland Web Hosting for your security and keyword integrity.
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